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Why join ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee?
As a member of ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism (ICTC) you will join an international professional network working at a strategic level to advise and influence nation states, regional authorities and international bodies – UNESCO, UNWTO & IUCN – in adopting policies and practices that support preserving, conserving and safe-guarding cultural heritage in the context of sustainable tourism development.

We are a specialist International Scientific Committee of ICOMOS – the International Council on Monuments and Sites. As such, Expert and Associate Members of ICTC must be members of ICOMOS. ICTC provides a forum for heritage and tourism professionals and academics to research and promote the development of best practice in integrated planning and cultural heritage management at tourism destinations especially but not exclusively UNESCO World Heritage sites. ICOMOS is the adviser to UNESCO on cultural World Heritage sites. We provide Annual and Triennial Reports to the ICOMOS Executive Board.

Who are ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC) members?
The ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee (ICTC) is a voluntary group of heritage and cultural tourism professionals and academics. We are experts either working for public sector conservation bodies and NGOs at international, national, regional and local level, or acting as consultants in the private sector, or employed as academics in university architectural conservation, cultural heritage, art, business and tourism departments. We have a worldwide membership of over 100 coming from Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific region and increasingly from Africa.

We encourage active participation in our cutting edge debates, expert seminars and workshops by heritage and tourism professionals and academics at all stages of their careers. There are opportunities to join from entry level to those with established reputations in the fields of cultural heritage conservation, heritage and tourism planning and management, and for those managing their own tourism businesses.

The main criteria for membership is a commitment to open discussion and working with ICTC colleagues to develop policy directions and best practice in cultural heritage conservation and management at tourism destinations – with a focus on sustainable cultural tourism and the conservation and safe-guarding people’s way of life and special places – especially but not exclusively UNESCO World Heritage sites.

How is the ICTC organised?

Executive Committee – the ICTC Bureau
The ICTC Bureau holds an Annual Meeting (AM) – either face-to-face or virtual – and communicates with members through regular newsletters on a closed listserv, Facebook group, LinkedIn group, and public Facebook page. The Bureau holds triennial elections for officer positions appointments: President, Secretary-General, four Vice-Presidents, Treasurer and two Members-at Large.

Categories of ICTC membership
Those seeking to join the Committee are invited to contact us via email. All those interested to apply for Expert or Associate Members of ICTC must be members of ICOMOS. The Secretary-General and VP for Membership will ask you to complete and return the forms relevant to the category of membership you are applying for. Candidate applications are reviewed by the ICTC Bureau.

There are six categories of ICTC membership. The Bureau is in discussions with ICTC members about how best to accommodate postgraduate students and whether we should have a distinct category of Emerging Professionals (EPs). Currently there are no separate ICTC membership fees.
  • Expert Members
    • Voting Expert Members nominated by their ICOMOS National Committee (NC) – are responsible for voting on statutory matters
    • Expert Members endorsed by their ICOMOS National Committee
    • Self-nominated Expert Members
  • Associate Members (includes EPs)
  • Institutional Members
  • Honorary Members
Members within each category may use the title “Member, ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee” and may identify their ICTC membership in support of their professional activities. The current ICTC working language is English.

For membership, please e-mail info@icomosictc.org.