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ICOMOS ICTC organizes workshop on cultural tourism and community resilience for ICOMOS Scientific Symposium 2021

ICOMOS ICTC Working Group on Climate Change and Tourism organized the workshop  Polycentric and participatory governance in cultural tourism for community resilience as part of the ICOMOS Scientific Symposium 2021. The workshop specifically focused on potentials and challenges to participatory and polycentric (decentralized and/or distributed) governance in cultural tourism for community resilience, with a specific attention to the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter 2021: Reinforcing cultural heritage protection and community resilience through responsible and sustainable tourism management (to be adopted).  Speaking at the workshop were ICTC members Ananya Bhattacharya (Working Group Head and Bureau Member-at Large), Dr. Celia Martínez Yáñez (Vice President), Cecilie Smith-Christensen, Dr. Shem Wambugu Maingi, Dr. Rouran Zhang (Vice President), and Sofia Fonseca. Documents:  Brochure  |  Presentations  | Abstract (see English, French, and Spanish below) Polycentric and par

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