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ICTC organizes "ICCHT in Responsible Tourism Management for Resilience & Sustainability" workshop

The International Cultural Tourism Committee organized a celebration of the 2022 ICOMOS International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism (ICCHT) and the workshop “The ICCHT in Responsible Tourism Management for Resilience & Sustainability” on September 7, 2023 as part of the ICOMOS General Assembly 2023 in Sydney, Australia. Speakers at the workshop included Fergus Maclaren who discussed the aims of the event, how to integrate the Charter in the work of ICOMOS, and offered the ICTC support to disseminate the Charter among ICOMOS National Committees, ISCs, and Working Groups; Celia Martínez Yáñez who discussed the main concepts and principles of the Charter; Cecilie Smith-Christensen who talked about the Management Assessment & Strategy Tool (VMAST); and Bartomeu Deya who discussed the Cultural Tourism and Visitor Management (CV&TM) Framework that the ICTC developed for the Organization of World Heritage Cities (OWHC). Attendees shared recommendations to integrate the c

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