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Proposed final draft of the ICOMOS Charter on Cultural Heritage Tourism

Dear ICOMOS members, Dear Colleagues, We hope that you are all fine and have had a well-deserved summer rest. We are very happy to write on behalf of the ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Cultural Tourism (ICTC) to send our proposed final draft of the ICOMOS 2021 Cultural Heritage Tourism Charter . We are pleased with the result since it covers all the global issues affecting people, tourism, cultural heritage and the environment, with a rights-based approach and ethical perspective which have led us to propose some crucial principles for a future balanced and transformative cultural heritage tourism, based on protection priorities, responsible and participatory governance, climate action, and the Sustainable Development Goals. We hope you will share this vision with us, and that this document will be useful to place ICOMOS at the forefront of the international organizations addressing the global issues that are affecting and will continue to affect cultural heritage and to

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