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The ICOMOS International Cultural Heritage Tourism Charter is approved by the ICOMOS General Assembly

During the 2022 ICOMOS Annual General Assembly in Bangkok, Thailand, Resolution AGA 2022/14 - Adoption of the ICOMOS International Charter for Cultural Heritage Tourism was presented. Voting for the resolution happened between October 31 to November 6, 2022. On November 10, 2022, the ICOMOS Secretariat announced that the resolution adopting the Charter was approved.

This is now an opportunity for ICTC to give thanks to all involved. 

First, the core team of Cecilie Smith-Christensen and Margaret Gowen, ably led by Celia Martinez Yanez. Throughout the Charter development and editing process, I witnessed firsthand the core team's dedication, time and effort put into the creation of such a high quality document. Second, ICTC colleagues like Jim Donovan and Ian Kelly who did the document review and edits, and other colleagues involved in the review process including Fergus Maclaren, Sue Millar, Sofía Fonseca, Tomeu Deyá, Ananya Bhattacharya, Carlos A. Hiriart, & Lorenza Stanziano, who assisted the team within the ICTC Emerging Professionals Mentorship Initiative (EPMI). 

We also had the following translations undertaken by our ICTC colleagues and their National Committees: 
French: Michèle Prats, Isabelle Quemener, Maria Gravari Barbas, ICOMOS France
Spanish: Celia Martínez, Tomeu Deya, Carlos Alberto Hiriart, Adriana Careaga, Gabriela Santibañez, Clara Inés Sánchez Arciniegas, Issa Torres, ICOMOS España
Mandarin: Rouran Zhang and ICOMOS China within the EPMI
Arabic: Mr. Mohamed Amer; Mr. Nizar Al-Adarbeh
Danish: Margaret Gowen, Marco Berenthz; Mogens A. Morgen, ICOMOS Denmark
Italian: Paolo Motta, Lorenza Stanziano, Ottavia Semerari, ICOMOS Italia

Finally, we would be remiss in not recognizing the considerable support and expertise provided by our ADCOM colleagues Mikel Landa and Sheridan Burke, as well as Gaia Jungeblodt of the ICOMOS Secretariat.

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