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Working Groups

Charter Review
(Celia Martínez Yáñez)
Although the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter continues being relevant to deal with the positive and negative impacts of tourism on cultural heritage preservation and enjoyment and on destination communities, the ICTC decided to review this charter in its 2017 Annual Meeting in Florence to update it to current tourism circumstances and problematics. Profound change and growth in tourism in the 21st century, the progress of cultural heritage preservation in the last twenty years, a growing awareness of social, ethical, cultural and environmental issues linked to tourism, and the deep impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in this activity worldwide, have necessitated this revision.

Emerging Professionals (Rouran Zhang)
As part of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee’s (ICTC) renewed mandate and applying the rubric of the Eiger-Xi’an Principles, our scientific committee aims to draw more Emerging Professionals (EP) into the fold of cultural tourism and be involved in our work within ICOMOS. EPs are those professionals who: are 35 years of age or younger, are members of an ICOMOS National Committee; and have a demonstrated professional interest and/or academic background in cultural tourism.

Climate Change (Ananya Bhattacharya)
The Climate Change Working Group was created to examine the potential impacts of climate change on cultural tourism and measures that can adapt or mitigate different circumstances. This will help inform the work of the Climate Change and Heritage Working Group, the Charter and other initiatives that the ICTC is working on.

Triennial Plan (Jim Donovan)

Service Projects (Tomeu Deyà)